Possible problems with renal artery....

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Possible problems with renal artery....

Postby Ronnie Magnolia Springs » Thu Jul 22, 2004 1:02 am

Howdy folks...

For those that don't know me here...I had a transplant back in late September of last year. I saw my local nephrologist yesterday. I have also been seeing a nephrologist at the hospital every two months. I thought missing a local appointment or two wouldn't hurt. My local neph jumped on my with both feet when he saw my blood work. He gave it to me with both barrels and I deserved it. He said my red blood count has now gotten so high that they are going to have to take a unit from me on Friday. He said that he had noticed it getting slightly high in January but was waiting to see how it was on my next trip. I missed two appoinments and now he says I am in trouble. He made me start taking a BP medication right away... that will lower my BP slightly and thin the blood. According to him I could have a stroke had I let it go on any longer. Whewww....they are also going to ultrasound my renal artery on Friday after the blood draw. They had problems with my renal artery during the transplant. I am possibly not getting enough blood to my kidney...and the kidney tells the body to produce blood when it senses a shortage.
I also picked up a box that was too heavy several weeks ago..and he now thinks I may have a hernia in my groin. Sooo he is sending me to see a hernia doc.
He also is sending me to a shrink for help with my panic attacks. I don't have them anymore but I also have become..ummmmmm how can we say it.....non functioning? Hope ya understand....
Besides all that...everything is going great. :D :D :D

Hey...even with the problems...I would do it all over ten times to get where I am at.....

Ya'll have a great week!!!
Ronnie Magnolia Springs
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hey, you!

Postby Cheryl in CT » Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:19 am

Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie.... Holy you-know-what! What the heck are you DOING? You KNOW better! Do I have to go down there and wring your neck? I know LeAnn must be thrilled to get you out of the house, but I do NOT think this is what she had in mind! Skipping appointments????? It's called tempting fate in my book! Okay, so once in a while you have to postpone for a week or two... but SKIPPING? no, NO, a thousand times NO!!!! Geez.... after all this nonsense, have you forgotten EVERYTHING?

Well... now that I got that off my chest, Ronnie, dear Ronnie, how ARE you? I'm remiss, I know.... (but NOT in seeing my docs!) I'm "on my own" this week (Mark & Cam are off to one of Mark's conventions, and Ryan's backpacking/hostelling/Eurorailing [like my new verbs?] her way thru Europe), so it's just me and the 4 legged furries for a few days. Maybe, just maybe, I will actually pick up the phone and CALL! I have good intentions in that regard, ok? I really WILL call soon!

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, will you? Best to LeAnn and please tell her that she & I also need to have a little chat! (Believe me, I don't blame HER - and you can tell her I said that!) Just BE GOOD, will you?

love you,
Cheryl in CT
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Postby JMan » Thu Jul 22, 2004 10:38 am

Ditto to Cheryl's sharp telling off ;) and get yourself sorted soon dude..

Its good to hear from you..

Just a short message this.. things are ticking along.. I'm finding this 'living life' normally thing a bit weird after so long to be honest.. I know thats pretty normal but I didn't think it'd affect me this bad..

Rehab back into normality?? I dunno..

Cyas guy!
"Dialysis! What is this? The dark ages!"
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I'm not going to rag on your further

Postby nycpetit » Thu Jul 22, 2004 12:31 pm

how quickly we forget when we are feeling good..huh? 8) Thanks for posting this however because...it's helped to reiterate for all of us the importance of continuing to go to the doctor's appts. since we can't really "feel" what's going on inside with our blood. etc. We have to remember that we got sick not really knowing anything was wrong..so it's not surprising that after transplant we have to keep a close eye as well.

Hope it gets sorted...do keep us posted...

take care
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Postby Pam » Fri Jul 23, 2004 5:25 am

Dear Ronnie,
Cheryl is SO right! You must never skip appointments...I have gotten to the point where I see the txplant team only once every six months and I would be anxious if I had to skip an appointment! :wink:
You kind of remind me of a guy that had a txplant back in the day when I had my first one. Back then, you had to carry a book and log in every day your meds, temp, weight, etc. and bring them in to your appointments for the doc to look at. The pages were lined like a notebook and had enough space for several days, but this guy would write one day's "stats" on one whole page (in LARGE letters!) and not bother with writing anything else down. :? He also missed a lot of his appointments and had other "rebel" behavior (something you might know about being from the South! :wink:)
I know that when you are feeling great, it seems unnecessary to go to the doctor, but it is important. I hope that everything turns out ok for you and that this is just a temporary setback. As for the panic attacks, I am sure your doc has told you that the steroids can cause some of that and it should go away somewhat after your dose is reduced further..I had them terribly for many years and I know they are not fun. :( If anyone thinks they are trivial, they have never had one. It is an awful experience to go through.
Remember-you are the owner and caretaker now of that kidney-treat it kindly and it will last for a long time! :)
(proud recipient of a transplant for 27 yrs and counting!) :wink: :)
32 yr cadaver transplant recipient, now on peritoneal dialysis with the help of Audrey, my Homechoice machine... as of 4/3/09
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Postby Mike » Fri Jul 23, 2004 9:08 am


I have been in that situation where you feel well and don't see the need to go to your appointment but everyone else is right you shouldn't miss them. I got very disillusioned with it all a couple of years ago as I had been diagnosed so long ago and i (mistakenly) believed that my function had not deteriorated at all from what it was when first diagnosed. I had been throught a really difficult time with trying to deal with being on steroids, the severe mood swings they gave me and I didn't trust the doctors at that time.

I missed appointments as I had decided not to go anymore and it was probably 12 months later I was persuaded to go to my gp and do a 24 collection. It was a hell of a shock...my function had been steadily dropping for the last few years and I didn't know. It was 32% and I had thought it was still in the region of 50% which it had been about 10 years before that.

now 1 1/2 years later I am just about to go on the transplant list and will be on dialysis shortly. There is no way I could of seen this coming just a couple of years ago, i haven't missed a appointment since.

anyway I hope everything will be ok for you and i wish you all the best.

mike :)
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