introducing myself

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introducing myself

Postby Dan » Mon Jul 19, 2004 11:39 pm

Hi there folks. I came across this site and I was very encouraged as I read some posted messages. I have been on pd for about 18months. I am 36 years old with 3 kids and a wife. We just celebrated our 15th anniversary. It is hot here and I don't handle the heat like I used to. I am either dehydrated or carrying too much fluid. I have had a donor that has been working on things for a year but just last week that came to an end. Disappointing but I am hopeful for the future. It hasn't been that easy for my wife either. Well, I'll check back soon.
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Reply to Dan

Postby Sandra » Tue Jul 20, 2004 8:02 pm

Welcome Dan. My husband is on PD well sort of, you see he had two leakages so far and doing Hemo until this weekend which we will try doing the PD again. The doctor said that if leaks again he will have to do hemo until he gets a transplant and who knows when that will be. He loves PD because once you get use to your body and know how to adjust the bags eg too much fluid. Je can eat and drink (water) as much as he wants to.

I just had to say hi and welcome. Anytime you or your wife needs to talk just ask or talk... we are all nice people... :)
Sandra from Canada :-D
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hi, Dan - and welcome!

Postby Cheryl in CT » Wed Jul 21, 2004 4:04 am

Hi, Dan - glad to see you post here! Whereabouts do you live? There are people here from all over the place, so maybe there's someone from the board who lives nearby.

I'm glad to hear that the PD is working well for you. Are you doing manual dialysis, or do you have a machine? Either way, it's always encouraging to hear when a treatment is working, especially for others who are facing the same thing.

I know what you mean about the heat, tho. Many kidney patients don't handle it well. I'm almost 21 months post-transplant, and I STILL can't deal well with the heat. It didn't used to bother me, but for the last few years, I've positively hated it when the weather turned warm. Right now, even tho it's not even especially hot where I live (but wait till next month!), I'm already counting the days till autumn!

Glad to hear from you, and I do hope you'll pop in now & again, and perhaps even check out the chatroom, if you have time. See if your wife might be interested in looking into it, too - there are many spouses & caregivers among the people who visit, and she would be more than welcome to join in.

I'm sorry that your donor situation did not work out for you. You'll find that several others here are in similar situations, so you can be sure that others DO understand what you're going thru. Post any questons you might have, or just stop by for a quick hello now and again. You'll always have a willing ear!

Take good care of yourself. We'll be thinking of you & hoping that all goes well for you and your family.

all the best,
Cheryl in CT
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Postby JMan » Wed Jul 21, 2004 4:16 am

Hey Dan..

Welcome you might like to look at the existing 'intro's' thread (or mebbe even add your own bit to it) as it 'introduces' all the people already here ... highlight=

Nice of you to delurk:D Look forward to reading more:D
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Postby Kelly » Wed Jul 21, 2004 8:14 am

Hi Dan :)

WOW my husband who has been on dialysis for 2 years is also 36, has 3 children, and is married to me!! We also celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary this month. Also the transplant that he was due to have with his brother was cancelled yesterday. Luckily he has the same outlook as you and has taken it very well.

Well keep posting and if you fancy a chat you can come into we are all a freindly lot in there and have lots of support to give.

Love Kelly

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