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Hello All

Postby Canadian Christine » Sat Apr 24, 2004 5:44 am

Well, took me a little bit of time to figure out how to get into the new bulletin board. Hopefully there will be no further corruptions of the board now.

I can honestly saw that I have had a very frustrating time the last few days. I started back to work, on a part-time basis. My uro took me off one of my IV antibiotics & by Weds I was running a fever, had the sweats, had the chills, felt exhausted, felt sick & was getting quite severe pain from my kidney.

So, I called his office Thurs morn to let him know what was happening. I didn't hear anything back, so my family Dr. called him Thurs aft to let him know what was happening. Still no response, so I called again in the eve & left him a message. I asked for someone there to call back ASAP yesterday morning & let them know that I hadn't eaten or drank anything since midnight-just in case he wanted to do a renal ultrasound.

I maybe slept for a total of 1 1/2 hours on Thurs night. Even though I was feeling horrid, I still went into work yesterday morning (since I had been off work since Feb 4th & didn't want to miss anymore time off work!). Just before noon, I still hadn't heard anything from his office. Now, as you can imagine (since we are coming up to a weekend), I was starting to feel more than just a little bit upset :evil:.

So, I called his office again. I spoke with his receptionist, who told me that he had received the message that was left yesterday morning. I told her that not only had one been left in the morn but my family Dr. left one in the aft & I left another one last night. I told her that: even with tylenol, I was running a temp of at least 38, that I was alternating between having chills & sweats, that I was getting waves on unbearable pain-so bad that my pain med wasn't helping too much, I was getting edema back in my extremeties & my blood pressure was quite high. This, of course, was the same information that my family Dr. had left in her message to his office. She also said that she wanted him to either call her to advise of course of action or that he needed to call me ASAP.
I told the receptionist that I was fully prepared to do an ultrasound, so if there was something going on, it could be diagnosed ASAP.

Well, he calls back & since I'm usually on the phone (due to my job), he leaves a message stating: I've been having pain for the last 6 months, so it is nothing really outside of the ordinary & I should be fine over the weekend. He told me that I didn't need to have an ultrasound ASAP, that it could wait until my scheduled appointment for this upcoming Tuesday. So, not only am I left hanging over the weekend but he is going away on vacation next Weds.......That condescending message was probably the last thing in the world I needed to hear, given how I was feeling. When I get really, really upset; I end up crying. I can tell you that this very rarely happens but yep, there I was, sitting at my desk, bawling like a 6 month old.

My co-worker came over to find out what was wrong (I have been working at this office for over 2 years and I've never been upset enough to do my cry like a baby thing). I told her how I was feeling (again, I don't like to complain about my health since most people don't understand & don't want to hear about it) & told her about all the messages left for my uro and the message that he left for me (insteading of requesting that he speak to me directly). She told me that I should call the hospital to see if I could get the u/s moved up to today, so at least he could have that information & could decide what action, if any needed to be taken before he was gone for the weekend.

The ultrasound booking office told me that it would not be a problem to come in but since it would have to be booked as urgent status, my uro would have to call to make arrangements. Of course that had me crying once I got off the phone from the booking office :cry: :cry: .

So, I called back to his office & spoke with his receptionist again. I am so upset, that I can't even talk to her without crying. I reiterated that I HAD to speak with him, as he had taken me off the IV antibiotic & HAD told me that if my status changed; that he would make sure that everything was looked after properly. I also told her that it didn't appear that ALL of the info had been passed on to him, as he only mentioned the pain part-none of the other symptoms. I told her that when he called back, that he was NOT to leave a voice message but to let the receptionist know that she was to come & notify me that he was on the line-should I be on a call.

He called back about 10 mins later and the first comment was about my pain & how it's been there for the last 6 months & this was nothing out of the ordinary. I said that yes, I have had pain in the last 6 months but this pain was significantly different. He then asked me why I hadn't contacted my family Dr. I told him that I had & that she had left a message for him yesterday advising of my symptoms & that he was to either call her or to call me with a course of action. He told me that I should call her again. I told him that I couldn't do that, as her office closes at noon on Friday's. I told him that NOT ONLY was I having the pain but I also made him aware of my other symptoms. I told him that as per my Dr's message & my message, that I had not eaten/drank anything, so I could go over to the hospital for an u/s. He told me that it would not be at all possible to make an appointment & that I could wait until my appointment next week. I then reminded him that he had taken me off one of the antibiotics & that he himself to me to call him if there was any change in my status. I also told him that I was very concerned about waiting until next Tues; as he was going away on vacation on the Weds & if there was anything wrong, I was then going to have to wait until he got back. He said that if there was anything that needed fixing, he would look after it on Tues night.

So, the only action he ended up taking, was contacting the pharmacy & had the other antibiotic added back onto my medication schedule. I am still soooooooo mad :evil: :evil: :evil: . He may as well have told me that I was a flaming hypochondriac, as that is what his whole attitude was implying. You have no idea how much I resent that. If he had fixed the problem almost 2 years ago, I likely wouldn't be as sick as I am now. If he wants to start being a real dink, I can be a real biotch & hire a lawyer to file a medical malpractice suit. I could understand him reacting the way he did, if I consistently called him & there was nothing wrong with me. That's not the case though. Anytime I've had to call him, there has either been blockage or infection in the kidney. GRRRRRRRR.

I really don't understand it. It's like sometimes he turns into Dr. Jekyll, especially when I have to contact him on a Thurs/Friday (which inevitably is when these things seem to happen).

Anyway, I just had to vent. I'm still fuming over it, since I don't like being treated this way. My Mom asked me why I wasn't more persistant when I was on the phone. I told her that I was SOOOOO angry, that I would have likely said some pretty nasty things & I would end up regretting I had said. She was suprised he was being so cavalier since anytime I have called him like this, there has been something wrong. I told her that if something does show up in my labs or on the upcoming ultrasound, I am expecting an apology for his condescending atittude.

That being said-cheers to our new bulletin board. It's a bit different but hopefully won't suffer any further corruption problems. Hope everyone has a great weekend :D

Canadian Christine :-)
Canadian Christine
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Postby Hal » Sat Apr 24, 2004 11:22 am

Hi Christine,

Sorry to hear about all your problems.

Is there no other doctor you can see ? You mention that he should have fixed the problems 2 years ago and he doesn't seem very nice or competent.

To get a better answer, it may be an idea to fax him with your symptoms and information, with explanation that you are not feeling right (and its different from how its been the last 6 months) ... and generally keep pestering him - you have a right to be looked after properly.

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Postby johnsor » Sat Apr 24, 2004 12:56 pm

I guess we all get tested during our life time, but who needs docs like that? What I have done in the past is to write down my feelings (like you have done) in a letter form to the doc, rewrite a few times and send him/her the letter. One, it is very therapeutic for me and secondly it documents the situation. I believe a letter lets the docs know that you feel serious about the situation and has greater impact on their behavior than a verbal discussion. It also give you time to get thoughts in order and present them logically. I met up with the most arrogant and insensitive doc several years ago who had a great affect on my health care and still does! I wrote my feelings about this person to my transplant coordinator (venting) and she asked if she could forward to the doc. I was so upset with him, I said why not...so she forwarded it to him. He responded by letter (which my coordinator stated he rarely does) and apologized for SOME of his behavior. Anyway, a few years later and I get along very well with this doc. I think he has matured some, but also understands we are not all baffoons and have a desire to be involved in our own health care decisions. As my coordinator told me, this doc would be doing the same thing we are doing put in the same situation. Hope you feel better and get the situation resolved. The best to you.
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Postby JMan » Sat Apr 24, 2004 1:02 pm

Just briefly what a horrible predicament to be in..

I think Johnsor's suggestion is valid though. These days phone calls mean extremley little. Letters (or faxes) are documentation of a situation and allow you extra time to express your feeling clearly.

That said if I was in as much agony as you describe I would have gone to A&E (ER) posthaste..

I hope things improve for you

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Postby amanda in CA » Sun Apr 25, 2004 1:14 am

I really feel for you and can fully understand your frustration and anger at this insensitive man (give him a copy of my post if you want to show that you aren't the only one who thinks that he's out of order).

I think Johnsor's suggestion is a good idea, and yes, I would threaten him with legal action if he screws up, since I think that sounds as if it is the only thing that will get through to him. I have encountered some pretty bad doctors in my time but all my nephs. have always been really good and responsive if there is a problem, don't know if that is cos they are wary because I'm a nurse, who knows? Remind him that you don't choose to be ill, but he chose his profession (although he doesn't sound very professional) and if he can't deal with people in our situation then he should get out and leave the job to people who can.

I would certainly look into seeing a different neph. since you need to have a good and trusting relationship, which it sounds like he has blown. I hope that that is possible since you really don't need his sort of response when you are feeling at your lowest.

Hope that you are feeling better soon. love Amanda
amanda in CA
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Message to Christine's doctor - 'YOU'RE FIRED!'

Postby christineDC » Sun Apr 25, 2004 3:30 pm

It is so hard to get rid of doctors because you want to believe that because of their training, experience etc. they have the answers and therefore command respect. At the end of the day they are just people and their are good ones and lousy ones. It seems like you have found a truly lousy one.

As a friend of mine likes to say..remember, half of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their med school class...

I would make it a priority to get a new doctor.
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Postby callie » Sun Apr 25, 2004 4:04 pm


I'm so sorry to hear all the crap you've had to go through. I can sympathize as I've dealt with similiar incompetence on occassion. It is so frustrating when doctors make you feel like you are overreacting or a hypochondriac. The truth is, we often know better than they when something is wrong. We've been dealing with the issue often for years before they are ever able to figure out what's wrong.

I do agree with many of the other respondants...you may want to look for another doctor. I'm sure you want to stay with him for various reasons, he knows your case, you've been with him a long time, but it doesn't sound like he's redeemed himself from when he didn't deal with the problem 2 years ago...and his behaviour now is certainly very unprofessional and not good for your mental or physical well being. No one should be left to suffer over a weekend, because a doctor thinks the symptoms are no different than 6 months ago...especially without even speaking to you in person. I would say.....go to ER, if for no other reason to expediate your u/s or renal scan....and ditch the doc.

I hope you get this resolved quickly. All the best and keep us infomed

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Postby Pam » Fri Apr 30, 2004 3:47 am

Dear Christine,
I just want to tell you that I am sorry that your doc is so insensitive-I have been down that road before and it is an awful feeling to think your doc doesn't even care about you! :cry:
I think everyone has given you great advice. Isn't it a shame that doctors are allowed to let someone go on with pain or not attend to a serious matter that needs taking care of and might resolve itself faster (and easier for the patient) if it were handled properly? :x It angers me to no end to hear the awful things we must go through in order to live...you can bet if it were the doctor's families (or the doc him/herself) going through all of this, we would hear significantly less about problems encountering doctors and the feelings (or lack of them) that they sometimes display! :(
Please know that you are in my prayers daily. I ask for a quick resolution to all of your "doctor" difficulties and hope that soon you will be feeling much better. God Bless!
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