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New Here, Chronic Pyelonephritis stage 1 or 2 CKD

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:17 pm
by Dick Justice
HI guys. I've been trolling the site for the past few weeks and have found it to be a great source of encouragement. :D :D
I discovered I have chronic pyelonephritis a few weeks ago while taking a medical for a job. protein in urine and elevated creatinine led me to a nephrologist who on ordering an ultrasound told me i have bilateral chronic pyelonephritis. my EGFRr places me in stage 1- 2, though i'm due for a repeat next week since my creatinine was noted to be decreasing in the two tests i had done 3 days apart.
I got to admit, it's been tough. Nothing makes you sit down and think like facing your mortality and realizing you may not live "forever" as most young people like to do. I'm 27.
Your stories and experiences have given me a lot of hope though. And i appreciate how lucky I am to have had my diagnosis in the relatively early stages of CKD. I know some people here learnt of the diagnosis as they were been rushed to dialysis . So I thank God for that.
I have been learning as much as I can, on how to slow down progression, eat healthier, and stave off dialysis/transplant for as long as possible. this community has been a lot of help on that front :) :) .
SO i guess i just wanted to introduce myself to you all.
Lots of love.

Re: New Here, Chronic Glomerulonepphritis stage 1 or 2 CKD

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:22 am
by Chris Wright

I too had glomerulonephritis at an early age. I went into end stage renal failure when i was 22.

I, and others, just made the best of life on dialysis.

Six months later i was lucky enough to get a well functioning transplant. That was in 1981.

Back then, the anti-rejection drugs, and knowledge, was limited. Now, here i am, 36 years later, still going strong.

Make the most of it, enjoy life, and best of luck to you.


Re: New Here, Chronic Glomerulonepphritis stage 1 or 2 CKD

PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:20 pm
by bigbuzzard
Hi Dick

Welcome along. I was one of the crash landers you mention back in 2006 – straight to dialysis aged 38. I have PKD which my mother also had, so I had a bit of pre-knowledge. I discovered this forum a few days later, and so many of the posts here were a pretty key thing that motivated me to deal with this and not let it run/ruin my life. I'm still here, two transplants later. Good luck with keeping the Creatinine low and eating and drinking well.

Did you get the job?

Re: New Here, Chronic Pyelonephritis stage 1 or 2 CKD

PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:22 pm
by Dick Justice
Thank God i still got the job. i work in healthcare so that probably helped. keeping busy is one of the things that has helped me stay strong. I want my life to be as normal as possible for as long as possible.
Went to the Nephrologist today. Seems like its definate stage 2. EGFR around 65. :cry: . Urine has cleared of proteins though , so there's that bit of good news.
Oh well, the show must go. I have made tremendous changes to my diet, religiously taking my meds,I'm joining a gym and taking better care of my health.
I will do my bit. The rest i leave up to God.