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Ckd 3b

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:41 am
by Britney
Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie, lovely to meet you all! I was diagnosed with ckd3b at 32 a year ago secondary to fsgs from dysplastic kidneys
... Well that's at least what I'm told. I keep getting told I should feel fine, and do most of the time. However after a particularly strenuous day I often get kidney ache, very mild nausea and tiredness to the point of exhaustion - moreso if dehydrated. Now I'm either imaging this or it's possible at ckd3b. I've found one document from Scotland that suggests it is - but when docs are telling you it's not you doubt yourself! I was wondering if anyone had experienced the same at egfr 32

Thank you!!!!


Re: Ckd 3b

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:59 am
by Nicke
egfr 32 is not critical. What about your HB (Hemoglobin)status?

I have eGFR 10-12 (Stage 5) and I am very tired. My HB is 105. Too early to start with EPO (Erytropoietin). They no longer pump up your HB more than 120. If you get up to " normal" Hb you can get a stroke! because the blood will be too thick.

Check your blood-status with your doctor. Normally they start EPO-treatment well below Hb 100.

Besides, maybe your lacking some D-vitamins? From stage 3 your body kidneys start failing to convert D-vitamin enough. You MUST start taking Activated D-vitamin eg Alfacalcidol) from your doctor. It is standard treatment for CKD-patients.

One of the best vitamins, beside D-vitamin above for CKD-patients, is Vitamin K2 Menaqinone 7 (K2 mk-7). The best to buy is capsules "Natto". Several studies on CKD-patients use it.

There is a handfull studies going on in hospitals in europe now:
VitaVask, RenaKvit, TreVasc-HDK and the largest of all, Maastricht University Medical Center with 240 CKD-patients.

There are clear evidence for reduced cardiovaskular problems, because the K2 reactivate Matrix-Gla protein (MGP) which help to draw calcium from the blood back to the bones.

regards nicke