Pain after a Reduction Pyeloplasty

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Pain after a Reduction Pyeloplasty

Postby gentooguy » Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:12 am

Hi all, I'm a 37 year old male and starting a few years back I began experiencing right flank pain on and off sometimes so severe that I'd be close to passing out. About every 3-4 months I'd suffer what's commonly called a Dietl's Crisis (Usually brought on by drinking too much liquids). I also had high blood pressure in the 160/100 range. Scans showed that I had a UPJ obstruction and that surgery was required. This year in May I had a reduction pyeloplasty. Stent was in for a total of 12 weeks and was taken out in June. Fast forward to now my blood pressure is lower than it was before, now typically between (120 / 80) - (130 / 85). The issue that I seem to be having is that I frequently have dull pain on the right side again. I occasionally get sharp pains that last a couple of minutes and then pass. I'm more worried about the dull ache / pain as it's more frequent and much longer lasting. Some days are definitely better than others. I certainly feel that I can drink more liquids than before and I haven't had what I would consider a Dietl's crisis yet but I'm concerned about the low level pain on the right side. Certain positions can make the pain worse like if I bend or squat down which I assume is putting pressure on the area. My surgeon's assistant told me not to worry as all of this is just normal pain from the surgery that I had and that I'm still healing. It's been like 3 months since my surgery. I will have a Lasix Renal scan done next month in September but I'm concerned about the pain now. Has anyone else experienced these types of pains? If you do have mild to moderate pain was your UPJ surgery successful? How can I tell from my upcoming Lasix Renal Scan if my surgery was successful?
Thanks all!
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