New zealand questions

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New zealand questions

Postby otto1357 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:18 pm

Hi all,

I am thinking of going for a prolonged visit to NZ as I am about to become a granddad. I wondered if people could answer some questions and give me some personal experience. I have a transplant and am pretty stable at the moment.
1. How long would I be allowed to stay (visa)
2. Can I get meds for more than 3 months and take them into the country.
3. What happens if I relapse during my stay, what if anything would I be covered for and what insurance would I need.
4. What kind of fees would i be charged as a private none NZer
5. If I run out of med, MMF, Pred, Tac, BP what would be the costs of purchase and how can I get a precription in NZ (GP fees) or would a GB precription work.
6. I read on this forum that some parts of NZ I could get free dialysis (if I relapsed) id that true and which parts?

I realise that I should direct some of these questions to my Dr and the embassy but I would like to hear from those who have experienced it.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: New zealand questions

Postby danmiller84 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:09 am

Hi otto1357,

First congrats on becoming a grandad.

I haven't been to NZ but I did go to Oz for a few mouth, so I can answer a few questions.

There are different types of visa but usally you can get in for about 6 months without a visa but you'll have to satisfy immigration that you can afford to stay for that long without work. They also normally insist on a return ticket - they get nervous that you going to stay forever if you only have a one way ticket.

Your doc/pharmacy should be able to give you 3 months worth, as with any time you travel with your meds; make sure they are keep 8n the original package and take a copy of your prescription. If you are travelling to a country who's first language is not English - get it all translated into the native language.

I would speak to the UK foreign office and/or the NZ embassy because there might (and likely is) an agreement between the two countries because we both have a free health service. Further, like here in the UK - it is unlikely that emergency medical treatment will be witheld because you can not pay.

I have no idea how much prescriptionshould are in NZ but I Googled a pharmacy where I was staying in Oz and they were very helpful - I'd recommend doing that.

When I travelled my transplant was fine so I wasn't thinking about dialysis so know nothing about that.

Hopefully others will jump in with more info. Deffo go, it'll be an amazing adventure!



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Re: New zealand questions

Postby otto1357 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:06 am

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the advise.

I have since been on NZ web site link to types of Visa, Option 2 ... ions/visit. I am allowed entry without a visa for 6 months being from a waiver country (UK) []. There are don't seem to be any caveates but what you say makes sense about tickets and money.

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