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bacterial colonization of ureteric stent

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:33 pm
by ras2701
Hello Everyone, would just like to ask a few questions regarding ureteral stent.
I had a stent fitted about 8 years ago due to a blockage between bladder and kidney.
I have them replaced every 6 months. Over the last year I have repeatedly had infections or at least symptoms.
The infections seem to be pretty resistant to most antibiotics and therefore difficult to treat.
The doctor is certain that it is a colonization of the stent time after time.
Has anyone else experienced this problem? if yes how did they solve it ?

My background
44 Years Old MAle
Live in Staffordshire, England.
I had a kidney removed at the age of 3 (due to it being completely dead) and have various kidney problems since.
They cannot see the blockage on camera and the stent is inserted without a problem, they suspect that they may need to re-site the ureter but are reluctuant to because of causing further issues with the kidney.
My GFR has ranged from 42 down to 18, it is currently at 29.