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First Needling ok but sore arm

PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2017 5:26 pm
by Daisy4246
Hi all
I wanted to share that l had my first needle in the fistula on Friday and I was nervous but it was FINE! Neckline was also used.
Anyone else new to it, don't worry, just make sure you numb it an hour before with EMLA cream. It's great.
Second one was yesterday and that was fine too.
However today the arm is a bit sore and a little bruised, and I don't bruise at all. So I'm just wondering if the sore/heavy feeling is normal and if they may use the neckline instead for a while on Friday.
All comments appreciated by fellow experience fistula friends.

Re: First Needling ok but sore arm

PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 2:46 pm
by wagolynn
It takes awhile for your arm to get used to needling, I don't think the anaesthetic cream helps in this respect.

One option is to press for button hole (the same holes are used every time).

They will want to get you onto two needles in the fistula as soon as possible as a neckline cannot pass a sufficiently high volume of blood to get a good clearance within a reasonable amount of time.

Clearance, is usually referred to by a number called Kt/v, most machines will display this on one screen or another, minimum clearance is Kt/v = to 1.2, a good clearance is Kt/v = 1.4 or above.

Kt/v stands for, K is a constant for the Dialyser in use, t is time, and v is the calculated volume of fluid in the patient, about 60% of weight for males, and I think 54% of weight for females.