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New here

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:07 pm
by Buluesman
Hello everyone. Short time lurker here.

I've been having back pain and upper torso pain for a while, increasing in intensity as of late. I have had foamy urine for some time. I've lately fell ill, very little energy, feel hungover for no apparent reason every morning, just generally ill. As I said, the back pain has really been really increased. I had a private lab do blood work: Renal, Hepatic, and Glucose. Would it be possible to ask help from you to sort the test results. It appears, given the results of the testing, things are not as bad as I may have suspected. I was very very concerned for my Kidneys(scared to death!).

Renal Function Panel

Glucose 116................................................ (High)
Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 10
Creatinine 0.90
eGFR Non Afr American 96
eGFR Afr American 112
Sodiom 138
Potassium 4.4
Chloride 102
Carbon Dioxide 26
Calcium 9.8
Phosphate (AS PHOSPHORUS) 3.4
Albumin 4.7

Do those numbers look okay, or should I have reason to worry. It appears kidney disease is not a concern? However, I wonder why the BUN/Creatinine Ratio was left "NOT APPLICABLE" and not calculated? I went outside of my PCP for testing(I have a "wellness" exam scheduled on the 29th). The testing was done in a private lab. The lab took blood at 4:30 pm, and emailed the results to me at 8:15 the following day! That seems a short time. Should I be concerned with the accuracy of the testing?

I'm sorry, i've been so worried. From my symptoms, as well as what I have read, I surely have/had kidney disease. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Prayers and well wishes to you all. I've read here of many of your struggles. It is heart breaking, but I am amazed at the strength and perseverance of many of you. It is truly inspirational.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:56 pm
by Buluesman
I don't mean to be distrustful, but....

It seems curious to me that I was given a eGFR result for both Non African American and African American, and the numbers differ? I don't understand. Why would the "result" numbers differ? I would think that, though it would provide a reference range for both Non African American and African American, since I am Non African American, I would only see a result for that category/profile. And if provided a result for each, why would they differ?

Also, since I have foam in my urine, is it imperative to get a urine test to rule out kidney disease? Could blood tests say no kidney disease, yet urine test reveal a problem? I've also been urinating much more frequently.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:46 pm
by wagolynn
eGFR, is an estimate of your kidney function, in estimating, ethnicity, and sex, are usually allowed for, different ethnic groups have slightly different overall kidney function.

Try this for help on the blood test, ... isease.php
I am surprised the blood test company took your money, I think they should have turned you away, and advised you to see a doctor.

The best would be to wait for the results of your wellness appointment, just make sure while are there you mention your concerns.

Best wishes.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:57 pm
by Buluesman
Thank you very much for your response, as well as the link.

In reading through your link: Is it the case that a GFR test (urine collected over a 24 hr. period) will be the most if only accurate measurement of whether there is the presence of kidney disease, given the eGFR is a mere estimation? Or, would the blood test which measures various other items (such as potassium, etc) give as accurate a result?

Also, the link states that normal urea is 20-30 mg/dl. However, cross referencing with other sources, the "normal" range is stated as 7-20 mg/dl. My paperwork from my test says normal reference range is 7-25 mg/dl. It is a bit confusing why the provided link differs quite a bit? According to the results of my test, my "urea nitrogen (BUN)" was 10.

I don't mean to be a pain in the butt, or bothersome. I am just very worried, and trying to figure out whether the blood test should provide some form of peace of mind. In your opinion, should it?

The reason I chose a private lab: I was feeling deathly ill, and almost felt as if I would passout at one or more times. I could not get an appointment with my PCP for a check (a "wellness" exam) until the 29th. I did not know if I should possibly seek immediate care, such as through the emergency room. So, in the meantime, I sought out a lab to get some testing. I think the lab is pretty much unconcerned and disinterested in why I requested testing. They accept walk-ins. That is what they do, and that is what I requested. I also think it is helpful for people here in The States who do not currently have health insurance. I was told the results would be available to me in 3-5 days. However, my results were available in less than 24 hours. I'm not certain if that should cause me concern regarding the accuracy of the test results?

I know one cannot place a price on looking after one's health. However, with a "wellness exam", it is 100% covered by my insurance. It is limited. If further testing is ordered by my PCP, it may be deemed "diagnostic", and the out-of-pocket expenses start to come into play. Blood testing for things such as kidney problems are likely not covered and will start to cost me, until I have reached my deductible. I initially did not tell my my wife the extent of everything that was going on, she just knew I was not feeling well. I did not wish to worry her. I have now told her all that has been going on. We have talked, and with her help I have come to the conclusion that I will be completely honest with my PCP, accept and push for any necessary testing, no matter the cost.

I am slowly feeling better than I was at my lowest. I still feel like hell in the morning, a bit light headed and pale at times, foamy urine, and my mouth is often very dry. When I wake in the morning my lips are nearly glued shut, and I sometimes have a coating inside of my mouth and dry particle buildup.

Thank you very much for reading and responding to my initial post. Any further input will be very much appreciated.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:21 pm
by wagolynn
I am not a medic but your symptoms could be caused by many conditions, and kidney failure is low on the list.

If you are asking for advise, as a layman I would say, 'go to your doctor and describe your symptoms', your doctor will make checks aimed at diagnosing your troubles.

I understand your concerns about cost but blindly guessing at what test are appropriate is just wasting money, and not helping sort your problems.

I think it would be a good idea to take your wife into your confidence, if I remember correctly, the vows go something like, for better or worse, in sickness and health.

I am sure a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

Best wishes.

Re: New here

PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:21 pm
by Buluesman
Once again, thank you for your response. What you say makes a lot of sense, and of course I do understand those things. A clear head and rational thought doesn't always prevail when ill and suspecting the worst. It is good to hear it from someone else from outside one's personal bubble.

I will provide an update with any findings.

Best wishes to you all.

Re: New here

PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:51 am
by SimonJoshep
Welcome to the forum dear. About your pain, you visit your doctor and discuss with him in details. Moreover, do share your experience about the problem and keep us updated.

Stay blessed,