puj obstruction- pyloplasty and stent insertion

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puj obstruction- pyloplasty and stent insertion

Postby jasmina » Wed Jun 23, 2004 12:06 am

Hi, seems like down here they do things differently. I'm having a double whammy.. Hopefully things will go alright. I haven't really had a great explanation of how things will go but have a month until my surgery. I am 18. Have been experiencing pain for alittle while, great to have a congenital birth defect huh, hehe. I'm very worried about this. I've never been in hospital- other than for my university training- and am scared of being on the other side! Reading your stories has kinda reassured me but also left me even more nervous. And also, i am having this done the traditional way because laproscopic isn't practised much over here and I've been told I will only need up to 6wks off- noyt 3-6mnths as someone else was saying. I hope my recovery time hasn't been underestimated. I will only be in hospital for about 4 days. Reading that some are in longer just makes me wonder! I do not look forward to having a catheter in, a wound drain, ahhhh this doesn't seem too good but ahh well!!
Any feedback would be appreciated!
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not to worry

Postby Ruthie » Wed Jun 23, 2004 1:34 am

Hello Australia!

Just want to give you reassurance about your upcoming UPJ obstruction surgery. Fo me, dreading the surgery (the unknown) was by far worse than the actual surgery and hospital stay...

Some things that might be helpful while you are awaiting surgery is to tell your urologist about your concerns and get answers to any questions you still have; you might consider getting a second or even third opinion if you still feel uncomfortable; use the Internet to research; & you have come to the right place by posting on this website as there are many of us who have gone through this same scenerio; and I thinkg it is very important to have a doctor who makes you feel comfortable and trust.

As far as stents and drains, it is really not as bad as it sounds! For the most part, neither is painful or particularly uncomfortable. I had surgery for a UPJ obstruction March 1st and had a stent for one month. I hardly knew it was there and had no problems with infection. Sometimes there can be a little discomfort but generally it isn't a problem.

Good luck and the very best to you.
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Postby callie » Thu Jun 24, 2004 5:27 pm

Hi Jasmina

I agree with Ruthie. I had laproscopic pyeloplasty done in May and am due to have my stent out in 2 weeks. I was worried about the catheter too, but when I woke up, I didn't feel it. I didn't feel it the whole time it was in, in fact, and removal of it was nothing at all. It didn't hurt. The stent really is nothing either. I've had 2 of them, this being my second. You won't even know it is there really. The only time I can feel it is if I stretch in an odd way, I can feel a little pulling, but that's it.

I hope this helped, but I agree with Ruthie, if you aren't sure of what's going to happen you need to talk to your urologist. Make a list of questions that you have and go in prepared, and ask exactly what you want to know. You will feel better in the long run. You could also ask that you've heard that recovery for traditional open pyeloplasty can take 3-6 months and why there is a discrepency from the recovery time they are quoting.

I wish you all the best. Please keep in touch and if there is anything else you'd like to ask I'd be happy to try and answer. There are alot of really great knowledgable people on the board, so it's a good place to get information.

All the best.
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Re: puj obstruction- pyloplasty and stent insertion

Postby J04N11 » Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:58 pm

Hi, my 7 year old son is going in for an open pyeloplasty in just over a week. We are obviously very concerned and worried. Just wondering how long you were all in hospital? We have been told we will there 5 days. Do you think my 7 year old will cope with the removal of the drains? This is really worrying me. I'm guessing they just gently pull it out? Any advise or tips would be VERY much appreciated.
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Re: puj obstruction- pyloplasty and stent insertion

Postby wagolynn » Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:03 pm

Hi J04N11,

As long as your son knows Mum (and Dad) haven't forgotten him he will be fine in hospital. All the rest will be something to impress his friends with, when he gets out and about again.

Try very hard not to let him be aware of your worries, treat it all as, 'just another day', and he will do the same.

Best wishes to you both.
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