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Hiya Orb ;)

Postby Elaine » Fri Jun 11, 2004 12:38 pm

Hello Orb have just seen u post. Good luck 2 u my daughter has been on peritoneal dialysis 17mnths now she is 16. She had to giv up a part-time job prior to starting dialyis and was sad about this :cry: but knew she couldn't cope at the time and her employers have been very understanding. They have even kept her job open if when shes able to restart 1 day :lol: It has affected her school work quite dramatically having repeated first yr GCSE exams etc too. But has part -time tutoring and part time school to compensate as and when she is able to.

Suppose evey1 affected differently by dialyis some people manage work part-time others' full or not at all. Until u start dialyis u don't really know how it will affect u. But most people usually feel better once started on dialyis to reduce toxins etc. :wink: Maybe u employers will be understanding and not want to lose an employee so part-time might be a good option until u can reassess your situation etc. :wink:

Good luck and best wishes to you im sure you will have plenty questions etc whizzin round u head. This board has lots info u may find useful also National Kidney Association.

Elaine UK :roll:
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Thanxs, Elaine

Postby Orb » Fri Jun 11, 2004 4:01 pm

Comforting reply. It is the underknown that worries us, isn't it? Once something has happened you can learn to cope and progress, but waiting in not satisfactory.

I didn't say in my introduction, I am a doctor myself. A senior traineee in histopathology (the docotrs who process the biopsies). I have officailly gone part-time as of next week. I feel relieved, actually, but can't help feel a little guilty/sorry for the extra work it puts on my others trainee collegues/ friends. Silly, I know. Still, I think its good news, for a change.

Reading this back, I must add I am actually more :D than its reads! Its the weekend. Any football on??
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Orb ;)

Postby Elaine » Fri Jun 11, 2004 8:01 pm

Glad u found my reply comforting 4 u ;)

What a very worthwhile job u do need all those biopsies etc diagnosed etc :lol: I myself work as a staff nurse within NHS so have quite an insight into all worthwhile work u do. :) Sometimes though quite hard to be workin in an environment that is 'so close 2 home' at times though. :?

My daughter having bi- nephrectomy in 4 wks time cos excessive proteinurea so just waiting now til the next step!!! Least we can get her bak on transplant wait list soon then?? (fsgs n/syndrome)

Nice 2 hear from u take care Elaine UK ;)

Yeh football this wkend !! any xcuse for a knees up eh?? LOL :roll:
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