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Showering with a neckline

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:54 pm
by Daisy4246

I have been on Hemodialysis for a month with a neckline and given pouches for showers. I have managed with daily washes but want to try the pouch. I've only used it once on PD then soon after had an exit site infection.
Do I stick the pouch over the dressing then remove it after trying to keep the dressing intact? I'm wondering whether the whole thing will come off. I don't think the dressing should be removed. Maybe better to shower on the day they change the dressing.
I wonder if anyone else in this renal world has experienced this and can give me some advise please.

Re: Showering with a neckline

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:16 pm
by wagolynn
I would think it better to ask your nurse what to do, there are different designs of pouch.

I know of one person who showers without a pouch but with the dressing on, after the shower they renew the dressing.

But best to ask.

Re: Showering with a neckline

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:47 pm
by Tibbs
When I had one, I had a small dressing with a notch out of it over the wound site, and a massive tegaderm to cover everything fpr showering.

I would wind the tesio up so the ends were up by the entry site so the lines went down and up, then I stuck the Tegaderm over the top. The ones they gave me were never big enough, so I used to grab bigger ones out of the supply cupboard (with their permission ofc!). They were about A4 sized! If you get a tegaderm and think - that's way too big - it's the right size. I made sure to have at least 5cm around the edgea and it didn't leak for me. I also shaved my chest, but you may be able to skip this step! :D

After showering, I removed the tegaderm and the smaller dressing, then washed the whole area (including the tessio line, all the way to the ends) with the steriliser they gave me, either the wipes or a gauze and the sachet of stuff depending on what was on the cart when I rifled through it. I then replaced the dressing. I also rewrapped the ends of the tesio with gauze & tape.

I only had a line in for about 3 months, and managed to avoid an infection. I was super crazy anal about sanitising everything and replacing dressings if there was even a hint of soiling.

However, every hospital's protocol is different, and I'm just a dude on the net, so check this out with someone you trust at your hospital.

Re: Showering with a neckline

PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:16 pm
by Daisy4246
Thanks for your replies.
I ordered the VAP1 from Independence which a shower pouch and it's big and fits right over the dressing. It's great, as l had a lovely shower and the dressing remained completely dry.
Cheered me up! It's amazing how the small things make such a difference to feeling good.

Re: Showering with a neckline

PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:08 am
by SimonJoshep
Yes, you are right!! Small things and creates big differences. So I always advise if you have any kind disease so always keep an eye on minor changes and factors and always communicate that with your doc.


Re: Showering with a neckline

PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:23 pm
by Daisy4246
Thank you for your comments.

Re: Showering with a neckline

PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:48 am
by SimonJoshep
You are always welcome dear :)