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Father-in-law Refusing Dialysis - Help

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:21 pm
by Howerski
My wife's father is Thai, and a 78 year old ornery critter ! He has high blood pressue, fiabetes, gout and, we have just discovered, 10% kidney function. The local Thai hospital discharged him with a load of pills, because he refused dislysis. I have a couple of wuestions:
1. Is it possible to live on such a reduced function, and if
so, how ?
2. What sort of relationship should we be lookibg for with local health services ?
3. What is the likely prognosis ?
Any advice gratefully received as this is very hard for my wife in particular who is living with me in the uK

Re: Father-in-law Refusing Dialysis - Help

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:46 pm
by Trisha
I have heard of people living with a kidney function of just 6%. My husband went on dialysis when his kidney function went down to 11%. After a short while he reached end stage kidney disease with hardly any function or no function at all so dialysis was essential for him. However he had a rare kidney disease that caused the failure and this is probably not the case with your father in law.

Re: Father-in-law Refusing Dialysis - Help

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:04 pm
by wagolynn
His kidney function can go down in the range 6 - 4%, and he can survive with appropriate medical care.

I would guess his refusal of dialysis may be because he does not understand what is happening.

To survive with low kidney function, he needs to get his blood pressure down, the usual target is 120/80.
He will need, frequent blood checks (monthly), perhaps a restricted diet, restricted fluid intake when appropriate, all this needs to be closely monitored by clinicians.

I think, in total kidney failure, life expectancy is about two weeks.

If his medical conditions are making his life a misery, he may have decided enough is enough.

Re: Father-in-law Refusing Dialysis - Help

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:59 pm
by Howerski
Thanks very much for youe useful comments. I feel quite helpless at the moment. The father-in-law was persuaded by my wife to go to the hospital again. He wennt and then refused treatment. He want only tablets and eon"t do any more tesys. I think he isafraid of being kept in hospital. The eay it has been left us that the family go to the hospital once a week and describe wgat is going on, and the foctors will prescribe accordingly. Anazing ! I have no idea of how to help.

Re: Father-in-law Refusing Dialysis - Help

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:19 pm
by wagolynn
This website will give you some information,

The doctors will respect his choice.

Someone close to him needs to talk to him and find out why he doe's not want treatment, and doe's he fully understand what will happen without treatment. If he doe's understand or has a good reason for not having treatment, then so be it.

Best wishes.