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About to start PD. 'Pulling Sensation'?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:34 pm
by Katelou1980
Hello all

I'm 36 and was diagnosed with CKD in 2015 by accident and while I was in seemingly good health (thank goodness for a routine appointment on a bad shoulder!)

This is the first time I've posted anything and have sort of avoided forums as I'm keeping positive and find reading other experiences that haven't been so great a bit of a downer! However, I'm after some advice.

I had an op before Christmas to have PD catheter fitted. I currently have GFR7% and due to go on the Baxter training in two weeks.

I recovered from the op relatively quickly and have been pain free for about two weeks now. However, whilst checking my tubing etc last week the nurses put 1.5 litres in and then drained it out just to check it was all functioning. I felt quite a painful pulling sensation during the draining which they said wasn't unusual. However, I seem to be left with this 'ghosting' pulling pain since then and haven't had any fluids in or out. It also seems to be pulling on my bladder and I find I'm needing the toilet more often and have bladder pain (it's as if I'm desperate for the loo but having to hold it in-that sort of pain!).

I just wondered if it was usual to get this pain when not actually dialysing and if it will ease up when I start?

Any advice would be very helpful


Re: About to start PD. 'Pulling Sensation'?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:18 pm
by Dibs
Hello Katelou.

After I had my catheter fitted, I had similar pains. I remember having my bottom looked at because at one stage it felt like constipation, but I wasn't constipated. The pain came and went a few times. I started dialysis some six weeks after the op. On my first drain, the pain returned. It stopped as soon as I closed the tube. I continued to get drain pains for the first month, but they gradually eased. For me, the pain could be in either my groin or my backside. I rarely get it now. I think it is the end of the catheter that causes the pain by landing on the nerves that go through the peritoneum to the lower parts of the body. I used to take paracetamol before draining to help, but don't need it now.

Re: About to start PD. 'Pulling Sensation'?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:55 pm
by Katelou1980
Hi Dibs

Thanks so much for your reply. The pain you described is absolutely what I'm experiencing! In fact I've wondered about my bottom for a few days now! It's just because the pain was happening when I'm not actually draining or even booked up that had me troubled.

I did indeed take some paracetamol last night before bed as for some reason lying flat makes it worse. This did seem to ease it.

Keeping fingers crossed it gets better when I start in a few weeks

Re: About to start PD. 'Pulling Sensation'?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:18 am
by bigbuzzard
Hi Katelou

Just to add to what Dibs has already said, there are various new sensations that come with PD. I remember being told (or reading here) that some of them are due to nerves being triggered in ways that have never happened before within your peritoneum, and perhaps nearby. My PD experiences were a while ago (two transplants later) and there were all sorts of things. Another which may come along is if some air ever manages to get into your catheter during an exchange, it can make its way up to just under your diaphragm where it stops. For some reason this can lead to a pain somewhere deep inside your shoulder – not excruciating, but not pleasant either. Felt very weird the first time it happened.

Good luck.

Re: About to start PD. 'Pulling Sensation'?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:24 pm
by Johnylefox
I started home PD in February 2016 and by December 2016 I was on hospital heamo, one of the reasons being the cramps.

You MUST empty your bowels as often as you can. Having a load of lunge up there will would almost guarantee pulling pains in my case.

Paracetomal didn't really work.

Get pooping, eat fibre, weetabix, apples, fibre and more fibre. I used to take decussate tablets to help me poo. That in turn helped the drain pains but in my case they were unpredictable and would strike whenever.

A;ways follow your doctors advice. And any second opinion should be from a doctor too. A proper qualified one.

Good luck.