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Need some help please

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:49 am
by JasonDED_61
Hello I am Jason. i have had borderline elevated creatinine (1.4) for 15 yrs following a long course of Levaquin. From 07-14 my creatinine was stable at 1.2. Then it went up to 1.4 for 6 months and then 1.54 in september. I had an ultrasound and it showed "slight" echogenecity. all my other kidney markers were normal...BUN, cystatin, beta microglobulin, alpha galactosidase, microalbumin. Since my last blood work i cut back on animal protein. I was eating 6-8 ounces daily and for 3 weeks prior to retesting i ate 3 ounces daily. i also took some kidney support supplements and started using near infrared light therapy. After doing all this i rechecked and my creatinine dropped to 1.2 so now its back in normal range thankfully. Still i have many food restrictions due to digestive problems and cutting back on protein now is going to be very challenging for me. i like to work out a lot and ski and dont think i can survive on just 3 ounces of protein a day. So with normal blood work but slightly scarred kidneys is there any flexibility moving forward as far as protein consumption goes? if i up my protein will that inevitably cause advanced kidney disease later in my life? i really need some advice and appreciate your help. thanks!

Re: Need some help please

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:54 am
by freddyy
To best answer your question, you should probably contact your physician or ask for a referral to a dietist specialized in kidney patients (I'm not sure what the proper title would be in UK).

As for protein, I think many overestimate how much you actually need, even when physically active. Myself, I have been working out in the gym 3 times per week even on a highly protein restricted diet (40-46 grams per day) without problems. My nurse explained that the allowance for protein daily goes up if you do extreme workouts (like bodybuilding) though, but I can't really say by how much.

There are also special formula protein supplmenets which as my nephrologist explained consist mostly of the not-so-harmful amino acids, which is useful as supplement for people on CKD who are still very physically active. I got a prescription for "Aminess" 8 pills รก 1 gram each day. The price is pretty hefty but thankfully covered by our national "medicine high cost insurance".

But mostly I would recommend you ask a physician first. If your kidney values are not below a certain threshold, your kidney will be able to handle very high "doses" of protein and rise of creatinine would only be temporary. So only restrict your protein intake if actually recommended by a doctor, otherwise no need to worry I'd say.