I need help! High creatinine clearance, rest is normal

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I need help! High creatinine clearance, rest is normal

Postby Magicmanjoejoe » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:29 pm

So today I got my results from labcorp and it reads

Creatinine Clearance 156 (Normal is 97-137)
Creatinine, Ur 24hr 2090 (Normal is 1000-2000)
Creatinine, Urine 83.6 (this is normal)
Egfr If Africn Am 131 (This is normal)
Egfr If Nonafricn Am 114 (This is normal)
Creatinine, Serum 0.93 (This is normal

Can someone help me decide this? I don't see the doctor until next week. I'm scared. I'm from the United States by the way
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Re: I need help! High creatinine clearance, rest is normal

Postby tdr1013 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:08 pm

Your Egfr is very good along with creatinine. I have had some of the same issues as you with similar test results that all started following a kidney stone I did not have removed right away. I began to then have blood in urine and leaking small amounts of protein in urine. My initial first screening/test had serum creatinine at 1.0, Egfr at 89, bun at 18. I immediately changed my diet to mostly vegetarian and some grains, ( quinoa, quinoa pasta, gluten free bread/buns for vegie burgers and vegie sandwiches and cutting Protein to 20-30 grams but that was all through veggies, beans and breads and no actual meat. I also began itching all over and had been having recurrent canker sores in mouth since kidney stone occurred which was my first ever that did not go away until stone was removed. I then took the same blood and urine tests 2 more times over 12 mos and I brought my creatinine down to in the .8 range and Egfr up to the 110-113 range on both tests and BUN to 7.
I have never had the creatinine clearance test. I then once again developed another kidney stone that Dr said I should be able to pass (5mm). Well it didn’t pass and got stuck in ureter for up to as long as 3 mos and was not causing pain at all, the only pain I felt was once the kidney swole up and it was just a nagging pain that I figured was the stone in my kidney but was just a nuisance pain and was not sharp at all, just a dull mild nuisance. Once it was discovered had surgery right away but feared damage to that kidney as Dr said any obstruction over 6 weeks can cause permanent damage. Well they did surgery but simply blasted it back into my kidney (It was a 6mm stone) and had started growing into the wall of my ureter. Had stent for 3 weeks and figured after stent was removed that I would pass fragments but did not. They had me scheduled for CT 3-4 weeks later and found it was stuck in same spot and was 5mm (so basically they hardly blasted it at all, just enough to remove from ureter and send it back into Kidney) So went to surgery next day and they removed it by blasting out of ureter and then basket surgery (basically grabbing it and removing it) 3-4 weeks later stent removed and was having pain on both sides and changes in urine pattern, going less and then suddenly 4 weeks later going all the time and waking up at night to go Also. 3-4 weeks after stent removed had Ultrasound scheduled and the also ordered CT without contrast and Kidney is still swollen up. Radiologist while looking at other kidney asked if I had been told of any issues on that side and I said no but I didn’t inquire, figured Dr would tell me next day. At that appointment all they said was CT shows small 2mm stone in side of ureter where old one was but that is was just a small fragment and was not blocking and that Kidney was still swollen/oversized and had not returned to normal and said we needed to do nuclear medicine exam Mag3 I believe it is called to check function of Kidney. Did that yesterday and getting results today. Radiologist doing the exam did it on his and said nothing. My initial symptoms almost 2 years ago and numbers were similar to yours other than I had gout in both my feet for a couple mos that I seemed to fix with diet. Anyhow In last 4 weeks or ever since last surgery about 2 mos now, things have not been good with now pain on both sides, kidney still swollen, started itching all over again, cramps that come and go in calves, waking up to pee, high blood pressure, pulse has changed. So get my results today, was hoping that if the one Kidney was damaged by the obstruction that I would at least have the other one but given the pain on other side and radiologists comments and the Dr mentioning a cyst on my Liver as he was scrolling through CT scan that perhaps there is Cysts on the kidney that did not have the stone in it? But you would think that would be in the report or they would have maybe looked or mentioned it as I did tell them mos ago when I had the obstruction that I was having intermittent pain on the opposite side and the response was “there is nothing there” but I believe they were referring to stones or blockage. Anyhow, have wife and young kids, job I commute to and am very scared and like you feel like my kidneys have all of a sudden failed. Praying and hoping for good results today. Good luck to you!
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Re: I need help! High creatinine clearance, rest is normal

Postby wagolynn » Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:24 pm

The diet changes are not relevant, see your doctor before you do anything, in the meantime stop worrying, the results are reasonable.
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