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40 eGFR, do I have Kindey disease?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:01 pm
by Demeris
Hi, I am 37 years old woman, 15 years on Lithium for Bipolar disorder (known to his toxicity to the kidneys, I am changing medicine ATM). In the latest blood test I had the following results:

  • 09/2015: Creatinine 129 umol/L, eGFR 42 mL/min
  • 02/2016: Creatinine 123 umol/L, eGFR 43 mL/min/1.73m2
  • 07/2016: Creatinine 130 umol/L, eGFR 40 mL/min/1.73m2

The GP didn't warn me about anything, he just said that the value was a little that right or should I worry? It does seem to me that I am in stage g3b of Kidney Disease if I am below 60 eFGR for more than three months!
Do you have any advice of what should I do to get help? Do I need a special diet?

Re: 40 eGFR, do I have Kindey disease?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:56 pm
by SKM23435
Hi Demeris,

Those values are a little low for someone of your age.
As you say lithium may cause such problems.
I don't think you need to worry at this precise moment, it is what happens when you change medication that is important. It is rate of change that needs to be considered. The good thing is that your doctors seem aware and are looking into it.

So yes, you have CKD - but based on this alone you can't predict the future but your doctors seem to be on the case.

Welcome to the forum.
Best wishes


Re: 40 eGFR, do I have Kindey disease?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:24 pm
by Demeris
Thanks a lot for your reply, I'll talk again with my GP and see what it can be done to improve my kidney functions.

Re: 40 eGFR, do I have Kindey disease?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:58 pm
by wagolynn
Hi Demeris,

A good healthy diet (5 a day portions of fruit or vegetables, see NHS website for details) will maintain your health, there is nothing specific that will help your kidneys in terms of diet.
Unless you are retaining water, (swollen ankles) drink at least 2l of fluid per day.
If you make changes, it is important that you advise your doctor or better still talk to the doctor first.

It is important for your kidneys to control your blood pressure, high blood pressure destroys kidneys, even healthy ones.

I would expect your doctor to run some other test to diagnose the cause of your kidneys malfunction.

As mentioned above a eGFR of 40 should not cause you problems unless you became pregnant.

As mentioned by SKM23435, the rate of decline, if the damage is not curable, tends to be unpredictable.

Best wishes.