First appointment at nephrologist

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First appointment at nephrologist

Postby Izzy » Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:05 am

Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum.
My wife has been suffering for ages with her blood pressure meds. None of them seem to work for her , each one makes her feel worse.
Finally the doctor is sending her to see the nephrologist specialist next week. She is very scared and fears the worse.
What should she expect to happen for her first appointment? She is really anxious.
Will they need to do her a full medical exam ? What does that envolve ? Would that evolve her undressing entirely ?
Will she get an kidney and heart ultrasound? Does it hurt ?
What where your first experience like ?
Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.
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Re: First appointment at nephrologist

Postby wagolynn » Sun Jul 31, 2016 3:15 pm

If you are in the UK, in my, limited, experience the consultant usually orders (for a later date) an Ultra sound scan of the kidneys, if that is appropriate.

An ultra sound scan of the heart is usually only ordered by a heart consultant.

With both scans the ultra sound probe has to make contact with the skin, so for heart, in most cases strip to the waist, I am not sure about a bra as I am male...
Kidney scan usually needs clothes pulled up, and bare skin down to underpants/knickers with trousers/skirt still on.
The scans do not hurt, and usually the people doing it are very nice and good at putting patients at their ease, they tell you what they are doing, and often show you the images, with an explanation.

The kidney consultant may, listen to her heart and chest, and may want to palpate the kidneys (feel them), from outside of course.
Listening to the heart can be done by lifting any top up or taking a dress off.
Feeling the kidneys, is about the same as scan as far as stripping off is concerned.

I would rate both scans and first consultation as, pleasant, and a great relief as another step towards a diagnosis has been completed.

Don't worry (both of you), no matter what the outcome any amount of worrying will not change it.

Best wishes.
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