Pain a week after stent removal

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Pain a week after stent removal

Postby sofo » Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:46 pm

Hi! I'm sorry to barge in, I'm a new user and after looking around everywhere I can't find any explanation to what I am experiencing and my doctor is near impossible to get ahold to, only to say that we shall wait until a CT-scan. But first, some context:

I'm a 28 y/o male who had a 13x7mm stone in his left urether. Surgery for removal was fine and as far as I know everything went well (albeit I got very little information about what actually happened during surgery). During surgery they placed a stent on my urether, to let it heal, and it stayed for the planned time which was 16 days. On the day of the removal of the stent it went fine (a bit unconfortable and somewhat painful) and that day went out without much more pain than expected. At 3AM that night I had the worst pain I've ever had (worse than my stone pains), but I managed to survive thanks to Voltaren (50mg) and Diclophenac.

From the stent removal day onwards it had been fine except 4 days after the removal of the stent, I had mild to intermediate pain (as if I had a stone again) and I had the urge to pee as well as pain on the last drops. This feeling went away after a Voltaren (50mg). This now is happening today again (a week and some hours after the removal) and I am at loss for an explanation. I can't find anything that suggests this can be due to the stent and it seems to point out at a UTI (idk how).

I would love if anyone could give me an explanation or at least tell me that I am not alone/that this is normal.

Sorry for making a post and thanks again for your patience!
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Re: Pain a week after stent removal

Postby cspringer479 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:19 pm

More patients complain of pain after removing their stent, so don't worry you are not alone experiencing the pain.

You can continue taking your pain killer every time the pain strikes. If the pain continues for a week you need to consult your urologist and have a scrotal ultrasound and urine analysis. Some cases of the continued pain is because of the recurrence of stones, stricture of your ureteral.
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