APD in Hotel

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APD in Hotel

Postby Birdman » Sat May 28, 2016 8:52 am

Hello Everybody,

I am about to change from CAPD to APD, and have had one trial day at the hospital. I have another training day next week, then I will switch to APD at home when the machine arrives.

I have 2 questions please. As this is a Bank Holiday weekend, I thought I would ask on here, as there is no-one to ask at the hospital until next Tuesday.

Firstly, on CAPD I am a quick drainer. On the Fresenius machine at the hospital, on the first drain, I drained the first half quickly, then it slowed down and stopped. The alarm went off. I jiggled about and eventually a lot more drained but there were 3 alarms. The nurse altered the flow. On the second drain the same thing happened. The nurse altered the flow again. On the final drain, I was sitting bolt upright, and drained slowly (because the flow had been slowed down by the nurse) but there were no alarms, and I drained out over 400 more than went in, so the machine had obviously "found" hidden fluid from the previous drains. My question is this. Is this normal for a first attempt? It took longer than anticipated because of the flow being altered, but that wouldn't matter overnight at home. But I can't sleep sitting up, and I can't keep jiggling about at night can I. This has made me rather apprehensive. Can anyone please tell me of their initial expereience and whether it got rectified?

My second question is about holidays. In about 3 months I have a UK holiday booked, and the plan is to have an overnight machine delivered to the hotel. But Fresenius don't deliver a trolley as well, saying "people" use the bedside table in the hotel room. Fine, but what if the table isn't big enough? And what do other FMs do in this situation about the 5 litre bags if there is no trolley and hooks to attach them to.

Any help/advice/reassurance would be gratefully received.

Thank You.
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Re: APD in Hotel

Postby SKM23435 » Mon May 30, 2016 4:48 pm


As regards your first question: I had similar problems with slow draining and alarms. Someone on here kindly suggested finding the best position for draining while lying down (ie asleep) and try to learn to sleep in this position. In my case this was on my right side. I did learn to sleep in this position and it did work well. When I'd settled onto dialysis I got very few alarms. I'd always make sure I ended the night on my right side so I got a good final drain. My first few sessions were rather like your first one. It did get much better quite quickly and soon just becomes a way of life.

(The other thing than slows drains is constipation. I'm sure with your CAPD you are aware of this already).

You would expect to drain more fluid than you put in as the dialysis removes fluid.

Your second question: APD away from home I used either the bedside table or a chair for the machine. I then put the bags on the floor or on another chair next to the machine (mine was a Baxter machine). At home I drained direct into a sink, away from home I took drain bags as I often didn't know where the sink would be. I also took a small melamine tray that I could clean with alcohol wipes to use as a clean work surface.

Good luck.
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Re: APD in Hotel

Postby Dibs » Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:44 pm

Hi Birdman.

Having done both, I find draining better with the machine. I usually start the initial drain stood up until the machine starts to hesitate, then I lie down and it will find more. Subsequent drains seem to work fine as long as I am laid on my left.

As for a hotel break, I switched to CAPD while I was away with Baxter delivering the fluid to the hotel. I guess it depends on how much notice you have and how you are travelling.
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Re: APD in Hotel

Postby Soobee » Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:57 pm


I'm on the Baxter machine but I am also a fast drainer on CAPD. I usually sleep through the final drain now (2.5 years in) but always do a manual drain (which is an option on the machine menu, it just tries to drain again) and get another 100-200ml out (standing up, as I open the curtains etc). I did get drain pain initially but not much now (unless I'm constipated - i.e. not been that day)

Taking the machine away was daunting at first but is easy(ish!) now. I usually put the machine on top of it's travel case on the floor, one bag goes on to the machine, the feeder bag I put on the empty cardboard box (that the fluid came in). This set up means that the machine and bags are not level with the bed but this hasn't been a problem yet. Another alternative is two chairs side by side.

Once you are used to the machine and more confident you will be able to make the set up work in almost any space. It's a learning curve but it does get easier.... :D
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