50% kidney function

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50% kidney function

Postby mbgarner » Wed May 11, 2016 5:35 pm

I've gotten an odd diagnosis. I've been told that I have 50% kidney function and I've got scarring and inflammation. My kidneys have also shrunken in size. I'm not diabetic, I don't have high blood pressure and what's more, I'm overweight and I've got perfect blood pressure. (110/75 at the highest).... My cholesterol is normal, although I believe my HDL is right at borderline, almost low. My question is: Does this mean I have IgA Nephropathy or Lupus? My nephrologist is afraid to do a biopsy due to the scarring. I don't have any other symptoms of either disease. I have neuropathy on occasion but only when I forget to take my B12. I'm taking several vitamins to help with improving my kidney function (fish oil, CoQ10, etc). Can anyone help me?

Thanks! Melissa
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Re: 50% kidney function

Postby yeh » Thu May 12, 2016 1:39 pm

hi it is always good to do biopsy test to know what happened and cause for your kidney problem.

well, even if with 50% funciton, you still able to keep your kidney and your life well for 20 years ++.

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Re: 50% kidney function

Postby SKM23435 » Thu May 12, 2016 7:26 pm



I'm not sure we can answer your question as you really need to ask your nephrologist, but a few things cross my mind.

50% function is not bad. It's the rate of any decline that can be worrying.
You don't say how old you are. I suspect you are not 80 years old but if you were this may be normal for you. Conversely if you are 18 50% function would be rather low. Our kidney function naturally declines year on year, over 5% a year for a few years running is not normal.

You ask about causes.
Scaring can be caused by infections in the past amongst other things. Urine reflux as a child.
However infection in the past shouldn't cause ongoing inflammation. I suspect the only way to determine a cause for this would be with a biopsy. IgA and lupus can both cause inflammation but as can a number of other things also.

I think you sound as if you need to have a further chat with your nephrologist. Take a list of questions with you.
You probably can't do much about the scaring but many on this site have any inflammation of their kidneys treated to try to stop further decline.

Good Luck

Ps these opinions are my own and should only help in enabling you to think about what you want to know from your consultant.
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Re: 50% kidney function

Postby sporti » Sat May 14, 2016 2:12 pm


I suggest you find another nephrologist. Scarring on your kidney shouldn't stop him from doing a biopsy.
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