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Immunosupressed and bleeding problems

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:20 pm
by gilders
I need to choose which type of dialysis, but I'm struggling to choose due to 2 complications.
Without boring you with details, I have a platelet dysfunction that causes uncontrollable bleeding (I was kept in hospital for 2 weeks last year due to this), so hemodialysis seems a crazy idea (especially as I want to do it at home and frequently).
Peritoneal would seem best (after the initial risk from catheter operation), but it it not recommended for people who are immunosuppressed. My immunosuppression is IV Rituximab (and steroids), so as it's not tablets I can not stop taking the tablets and the IV Rituximab will prevent me from fighting peritonitis.

Is there anyone here that is in a similar situation and if so, which type of dialysis did you choose and has it been successful?