can take enalapil or loosartan with creatinine 205

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can take enalapil or loosartan with creatinine 205

Postby yeh » Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:22 pm

currently my creatine 205.
can take enalapil or losartan?

will it affect or worsen kidney function.

well, i have been taking enalapil since 2008 . my creatinine was hopping around 150-180 in these 7 years till 2015.
However, due to chronic diarhea , vomiting. acute renal failure. creatinine shoot up to 400 in Jan and urine infection in march.

creatinine now hopping around 200-250.
doctor stop my enalapil and replace with amlodipine 5mg

once i stop the enalapil , my urine protein is back. from march 0.17g to 0.61g. i am worried.

i didn have any urine protein over those few years since 2009 to 2015. i guess this is the reason which i can keep well in my condition with creatinine hopping around 150-190.

i am worried that the urine protein my cause my kidney worsen and dialysis may starts soon.

any advice? thank
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Re: can take enalapil or loosartan with creatinine 205

Postby wagolynn » Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:38 pm

Hi yeh,

You would be better to talk this over with your doctor/s.

Protein in urine is a symptom of kidney failure, not a cause. Protein in urine will not cause your kidneys to fail.
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Re: can take enalapil or loosartan with creatinine 205

Postby gnarledcrayon » Wed Apr 27, 2016 8:50 am

Hi there,

I agree with wagolynn.Talk to your nephrologist about it.

I don't know about Loosartan, but I currently take 10 mg enalapril per day, ordered/suggested by my nephrologists (I have nephrotic syndrome caused by membranous glomeruloneprithis).

Enalapril does not cure kidney conditions, but lowers your blood pressure.

My nephrologists explained to me that by lowering blood pressure in the kidneys, less protein will pass in the urine.
So, they are basically using this to stabilize/improve my blood protein levels until we (hopefully will) find a cure that will tighten my kidneys.

Enalapril might, as a side effect, affect creatinine levels in blood. Note that my doctors monitor my blood and urine every 2-3 weeks.

So, again, talk to your doctor(s) about it. :!:
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Re: can take enalapil or loosartan with creatinine 205

Postby yeh » Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:43 pm

well, i visited few doctor. so my rheumatology doctor prescribed me enalapril but my nephrologist wanted me to stop.

i was taking enalapril for quite some times since 2008 to 2016 march. my urine protein is always below 0.3g/day

and my creatinine just hopping around 150-180. and i think this reward should go to enalapil to control my protein and blood pressure. then my condition can be so stable over these 7 years and didn progress much.

all these medicine is actually prescribed by my rheumatologist and my nephrologist didn know about it.

now my rheumotologist listened to my nephrologist advice and stop my enalapil. just stopped for one month then protein is back 0.6g/day

i am so worried.

anybody with low gfr taking enalapil....

i knew that as long as you control urine protein and blood pressure. then your kidney can last longer
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Re: can take enalapil or loosartan with creatinine 205

Postby Nonna » Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:43 pm

Renapril and this group of medicaments is good, but they have a lot of side-effects who are not so pretty nice for you. For CKD are better like - Norvasc, Amlodipine, Axel from 5mg every 12 hours they have it from 10mg's but try with less dose at first to see how you will feel. You can control how to take me medicaments all the time. There are another group like Furisemide (Furanthril, Trifas etc) who you can take if you have hight potassium, your legs are swelling or just because uyou have really hight blood pressure. (160-170 or more) even if u took your medicaments for it. and still after 2-3 hours it's the same.
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