fatigue , itchiness and leg swelling

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fatigue , itchiness and leg swelling

Postby yeh » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:19 pm

my creatinine is about 200-247. wonder am i going to start dialysis soon.

i am tired all the time, leg swelling if i walk/stand too much. then also itchiness in head and back.


while my creatinine about 160-190. i didn experience much about this. how come so much different now.

am my creatinine level up again?
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Re: fatigue , itchiness and leg swelling

Postby wagolynn » Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:39 pm

Hi yeh,

In your blood results you should find eGFR (an estimate of kidney function) this number is usually around 10% for dialysis to be started. Though the final decision is usually based on eGFR and the condition of the patient, if the patient feels OK then dialysis can be delayed until eGFR falls to a lower value.

Swelling of the legs can be an indication of poor kidney function or high blood pressure or both. Blood pressure is kept as low as possible where kidney failure is the problem as high blood pressure is bad for kidneys - even healthy ones.

Itching can be caused by kidney failure, it can be much improved by dialysis, and a controlled diet. When on dialysis, most patients are assigned a dietician to help with the dietary requirements. As the diet is intended to restrict Potassium, and Phosphates, both vital to life, this only should be done under professional guidance. There are several prescribed creams that also help with the itching so it may be worth mentioning the itch to your doctor.

Being tired, could be high blood pressure, poor kidney function or anaemia. The best thing would be to tell your doctor how you feel, along with the other symptoms.

Best wishes.
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