Feeling greatful ( so near )

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Feeling greatful ( so near )

Postby StephenPeachey » Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:17 pm

Hi hope everyone is well and is enjoying the weekend!

So on the 28th January out of the blue I got that call, asking if I could go to St Georges hospital as they had a kidney for me I was absolutely stunned as my GFR is 13% at the moment and I've been on the waiting list for less that year. I turned up got an Xray, ECG and loads of blood tests for the cross match. My Potassium was high so they gave me medication via a drip to flush it out as soon as possible. This worked if not they were going to put a neckline in and dialyse for a couple of hours. At 9.30pm in the evening I was wheeled down to the theatre waiting area. I waited and waited it seemed like ages then the doctor came out and said that they'd found two legions on the kidney to be transplanted, possible cancer and that they didn't want to risk implanting it. To cut along story short I was discharged the next day . I was in shock but I'm greatful that someone had decided to donate their organs. In the mean time family members have come forward to get tested. At the end of February I'm seeing my consultant and we will plan to get tube fitted to start PD all in all its been a whirlwind but at the end of day I feel positive about the future and hopeful . Sorry about rambling on but just wondering if this happened to anyone else?

All the best
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Re: Feeling greatful ( so near )

Postby Bettyboo » Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:18 pm

Sad news the kidney wasn't quite right but amazing you have received a call so soon. Can I ask you what your Gfr was went you went on the transplant list? I am at 12 now, due to have my first transplant appointment with the surgeons at Oxford next week. I was expecting at least 3 years for a non relative doner.
Anyway, great news for you. Ive heard once you get the first call the next ones follow quite soon, good luck x
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Re: Feeling greatful ( so near )

Postby StephenPeachey » Sun Feb 07, 2016 7:07 pm

Hi There

My GFR was 15 went they put me on the list. I think it was because from June 2014 to November my GFR went from 21 down to 18 then 15 but stayed at 15 for nearly a year and only last month went down 13. If I get that call again I will be a lot more prepared for what lies ahead and what to expect. Have to say Im still working full time and feel ok although I'm looking to cut my hours as it's starting to feel a bit of a drain. Hope you get a good outcome all the best.

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Re: Feeling greatful ( so near )

Postby rheaybou » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:40 am

What a rollercoaster that must have been, bittersweet that a kidney couldn't be used due to potential risks. I was told the average wait would be three years as I joined the list and it was a number I put to the back of my mind. Organs will always go to the most suitable and I was told to expect a call from the time it was confirmed that I was on the list as there are no hard and fast rules.

Good luck with the planned PD operation, get a rolled up towel ready to help you get around the first few days after the operation - helps keep pressure on the surgery site to reduce discomfort - a top tip passed onto me.
Now 35 with Alports and I had my first kidney-versary 18th feb 2013....I hope to have many more.

My living donor and his family are doing all well.

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Re: Feeling greatful ( so near )

Postby SKM23435 » Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:59 am


Gosh I feel for you. Must be so disappointing but the reasons are understandable.

I received a kidney at St Georges after just 13 months on the transplant list. I think I got the early call as I was relatively local to the donor and the kidney was a perfect match.

I have to say that St Georges were excellent. You will be in good hands there.

Good Luck and fingers crossed for another call soon.

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