CKD and e-cigarettes

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CKD and e-cigarettes

Postby fazza1970 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:10 pm

Hi all, newbie here.
My father is 73 and was diagnosed with CKD early last year.
He is a lifelong smoker and has struggled to knuckle down to the non-smoking regime obviously now strongly recommended to him. The fact he is still smoking - although maybe only 3 or 4 rather than his old 15-20 a day - is one possible reason why his kidney function has declined from around 25% last summer to as low as 9-10%, resulting in two quite lengthy hospital admissions, towards the back end of the year (further complicated by a DVT!).
He is slightly better now, and quite active and mobile (walking a lot, staying well hydrated etc) and his kidney function has picked up somewhat.
BUT - to all our frustration - he is still smoking.
So I was wondering if anyone on the forum had any experience of e-cigarettes and their possible impact on someone in his condition.
He has a consultant's appointment in a few weeks, and we will obviously raise the smoking issue thenumber, but thought I would do some research myself.
Also, how realistic is the prospect of a transplant, or even dialysis, for a 73-year-old, as nothing has been mentioned by his consultant on either front.
Thanks in advance!!
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Re: CKD and e-cigarettes

Postby wagolynn » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:06 pm

Hi fazza1970,
I have no direct experience of e-cigarettes but I have looked out at other patients who have been giving up smoking. I find the highest failure rate is with the e-cigarettes. Nicotine patches appear to be the most successful, especially where people have had something (possibly new) as a distraction when relaxing e.g. Reading, computing, gardening, knitting etc.

I would suggest he goes to his GP and tells them he is having trouble giving up smoking he will get some help there. It is not really the kidney consultants job to do this.

Good luck.
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Re: CKD and e-cigarettes

Postby rheaybou » Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:00 pm

Horrible habit and I would guess something that is difficult to give up.

Dialysis and transplant will all be based on health and survival outcomes. Saw plenty of people in their 70/80's on dialysis while I was doing it. A couple of possible methods also so ask his consultant.
Now 35 with Alports and I had my first kidney-versary 18th feb 2013....I hope to have many more.

My living donor and his family are doing all well.

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