T-1 week to transplant

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Re: T-1 week to transplant

Postby Jason1976 » Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:42 am

Thanks everyone!

Neckline came off this morning and I'll be moving back to the general ward today. Probably get out of here Tuesday after they remove the urine catheter and dialysis catheter. Bloodwork looks good, creatinine down to 112 this morning from 500+ pre-surgery. Everything else including blood sugar is within normal range :)

It's been an experience, and thankfully for me, it went fairly easily and my recovery was very quick so I'm thankful. Great tips and helpful information from everyone here helped me prepare and know what to expect, so thank you everyone for your sharing and encouragement!
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Re: T-1 week to transplant

Postby sporti » Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:04 am

Fantastic! Congratulations!
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Re: T-1 week to transplant

Postby Jason1976 » Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:01 pm

After 12 days I'm finally glad to be home! The hospital kept me a little longer than expected, first because of balloning blood pressure and then with then with some elevated liver enzymes.

In the end I said I would rather go home and follow up outpatient after spending 12 days being pricked daily. The elevated liver enzymes could likely be due to reaction to one of the new drugs, so my consultant will be following up during my weekly visits.

In the beginning I was envisioning returning to work after a month, but I now realize there's a lot of post-surgery adjustments as they fine tune the drug dosages. Also, the kidney isn't 100% efficient day 1, and it takes weeks before it learns to adapt to the new body and optimize urine production. So I'm stretching the return to work to sometime in March (for now). We'll see as we go along.
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