Strange Sensations.

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Strange Sensations.

Postby Johnylefox » Thu Aug 13, 2015 1:24 pm

I am an IGA sufferer. Diagnosed Jan 14 but symptoms before then. eGFR is below 50 but only just.
I have some weird sensations.
My right foot feels like something is trapped between the toes, like some sock or a cotton ball. Naturally there is nothing there.
My left foot feels cold most of the time but to touch it is the same as my right foot.
I am also experiencing headaches which are on top of my head just above my hairline, and behind the eyes (these come and go and alternate between locations).
When I lay down I sometimes feel like I am wearing a wooly hat.
Everything seems to point to neuropathy. I am in Saudi at the moment and the local doctor prescribed vitamin B12 and Panadol! I am trying to contact my UK neph.
Anyone else had anything like this?
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