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Keeping happy!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 4:20 pm
by laura.knight
Hi everyone. Seeing as you all replied with such relevant and helpful answers I thought you might be able to help out again! My father is the one on dialyses, although he only had the op recently he is recovering well and looking forward to being let home for good and only having to go down 3 times a week for the dialysis. With Fathers Day coming up, I want to show how proud I am of him and cheer him up a bit. As I can't take him away for a week, or give him a bottle of whisky (used to be standard) I wondered whether anyone had any ideas of something they remember bringing a smile to their face? He likes golf, snooker, football, and all the usual blokey stuff. Have had a few ideas but anything is helpful! Cheers! :D