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PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:09 am
by cuchigarcia
Hi , I'm a women, 34 years old and around 5 months ago I was diagnostic with Hashimoto and hypothyroidsm. After that my labs results keep changing. I have AST in 63 high (normal is 15-46) ALT in 136 (normal is 11-66) and BUN/CREATININE in 28.57 (normal is 7-25) . I read and talked to my doctor about the AST and ALT high levels and he told me that happens when there is a problem in the liver so he order me hepatitis labs, lupus labs, etc. And he also request to do de CMP (metabolic panel ) again to see if they go higher or lower. So in the begining the bun and creatinine were fine but the ALT and AST level were high when i did the second labs i get the results above. I did the hepatitis lupus etc labs and they went with negative results. I honestly dont know if is my condition of hashimoto that is messing around with my liver and kidney. Do you have any explanation for this? Im going back to thw doctor on tuesdat but i guess they will ask for more labs.