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Protein Creatinine Ratio

PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:08 pm
by Johnylefox

I am 39 year old IGA male. Diganosed biopsy confirmed 12 months ago.

I have today been informed by protein creatinine ration is 163, up from 145 in August and 100 earlier this year.

My creatine was 110 in October but tends to go up and down from around 90 to 127 which was my all time (known) high.

Since the early part of the year when my per was 100 I was instructed to reduce my Ibersartan intake from 150 per day to 75.

I am wondering about the significance of the PCR. And if the reduction in Ibersartan is the cause of the increase in PCR.

Also, I have some pain in my back on my left side just under the rib although it moves around. Could this be kidney related?

Thank you, and best wishes to you.