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Raising awareness for kidney disease and organ donation

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:14 am
by djderby555
Hi all,

Because I will be 45 in 2015 and I have renal failure and am waiting for kidney transplant I wanted to do something positive and not just sit on my arse and await the inevitable. So an idea came to me...

I am going attempt 45 challenges during the year to raise awareness for kidney disease and organ transplantation.

This is because not a lot of people know about the seriousness of kidney disease and kidney failure and what it entails and its affects and consequences. And then what kidney dialysis patients face and what patients waiting for a new kidney (well any organ really) have to go through.

As well as raising awareness it is my intention to raise money for the British Kidney Patient Association who do wonderful work for those affected by kidney disease.

It is my intention to start (health permitting) the challenges in January. I will attempt 3 or 4 a month until I’ve done 45 challenges. I may have to carry the challenges over onto the following year I will see how it goes.

Let me know your ideas. Silly or serious, small or big, scary or funny. Outrageous or unique.

Ideas for my challenges next year so far:-

1. Dress up as Women for a day
2. Don't speak for a day
3. 2k Swim
4. Ice Bath Challenge
5. Shave head
6. Learn a new language
7. Hadrian Wall Walk
8. Wear a badly fitted toupee for 3 days
9. Sky Dive

So I still need more ideas.... I am in process of setting up a website and I have decided (following on some peoples comments) that I will be raising money for the British Kidney Patient Association using a just giving web page. Will update more in future.
watch this space :)