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lainiepop 2yr post tx and 4wks post op update!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 7:47 am
by lainiepop
Hi all!

Well I hit 2yrs post tx on the 29th may, unfortunately for those who don't know, dad my donor was then just out of hospital after his heart bypass op and I was in hospital recovering from emergency surgery.

I went to hospital thinking I had a stomach bug after 9hrs of vomiting a not being able to keep even water down, thinking need to be hydrated for the kidney. Turns out my bowel had twisted around old scar tissue and I needed emergency surgery to sort it or it would twist off blood vessels and organs would fail due to no blood supply, in short I would die!! Was worst surgery I've ever had, so painful and longer recovery than tx, and oh the bowel recovering is awful to start with, the diarreah constantly caused my potassium to plummet. Anyway I'm a month post op tomorrow and doing OK, although compared to the tx am still in a bit of pain and bowels are up and down. Mum is up, taking my son to school and looking after my daughter, dad hopes to come up for her 3rd birthday in a couple weeks. Still can't believe this all happened!!

Anyway good news, had kidney appointment yesterday, and bloods from last week showed all good with a creatinine of 67 :) have to be thankful that dads super kidney withstood more trauma to my little body.

So thinking ahead to happy times, Hubby and I are thinking of renewing our wedding vows next yr at our church (no big party or anything!) As it will be our 10th wedding anniversary and we've been through more in 10yrs than most couples do in a lifetime! Well even in the 3 yrs we had a pre term baby by c section (after trying to conceive her for 18mths which was stressful!), then kidney failure, kidney transplant, a seizure which almost left me brain damaged, and now this latest bowel surgery which could have been fatal.

We're also planning to go to Florida next Christmas with mum and dad, Andrew will be 8 then and is desperate to go to harry potter world and Elena will be 4 and a half so the princesses at Disney will be her thing, dad turns 70 next September, so just hope we're both OK and can make some happy memories with the kids. Andrew suggested renewing vows at Disney lol, hubby not keen ;)