Update on Jenny ( and feeling guilty )

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Update on Jenny ( and feeling guilty )

Postby Kiwi Andy » Sat Jun 05, 2004 6:56 pm

Hi everyone
I know from some of your e mails that I'm overdue for an update on Jenny and to be honest, I'm feeling more than a little guilty that I haven't posted sooner. Especially since I leaned so heavily on the people here when things weren't going so well.
Jenny is doing so well. She's still on the tac and rap and various other meds which are slowly having the dose reduced. Either the tac or rap will eventually go but the doc's aren't sure which one it'll be and in light of her rejection episodes, they aren't in a particular hurry to make the call.
We've just been busy, busy, busy doing all the things we said we were going to do. I got to take my 11yo son, Sam (aka Rat) on a boys overnight fishing trip. Rat caught 11 fish but is yet to learn that we don't actually bother counting when we go fishing. We had a bonus of about 30 dolphins turning up to play and mothers with babies coming right up to the side of the boat. We stayed at a pub and someone bought Rat and his mate a beer which they think I don't know about and they snuck off into the corner and took all night to drink. We stayed up to about 1am and us seasoned fisherman discussed and fixed all the world's problems over a few beers. Rat and his mate thought it was pretty cool that us adults had all the answers to everytihing once we'd had a few beers.
Meanwhile....back at the camp, Jenny and our 14yo daughter, Deanna (aka Bleaty) decided if us boys could go on a fishing trip, they could head off to the hot springs for the weekend and do some bonding. ( spending)
Jenny hadn't been shopping much since the transplant in February so she started off slow on the first day but then attacked her credit card with ferocity on the second day. I guess I'll always remember that weekend as it was a turning point in Jenny's confidence since the transplant and life was starting to feel good again. I'll probably also remember it because I'll be paying it off for some time !!
It's just been full on since then and hence the reason I haven't posted.
My "on again, off again" trip to USA this year is on again..sort of. We're waiting for some decisions from US suppliers and what Amurikins don't seem to realise is that one days delay in USA = our schedule being thrown out by about a week in NZ. It's a business trip so Jenny won't be coming and I'm not keen on her flying that far until she's had the kidney for about a year. The only reason I'm mentioning it is that I've said in earlier postings/e mails that if I was ever in your neighborhood, I'd catch up with anyone who wanted me to. So, if your'e looking for a visit from a krazy kiwi, I'll be in LA, Des Moines, and somewhere in Wisconsin but not sure where yet. We still intend to visit the UK next year and that's a trip that Jenny will be doing with me. I'll keep you informed.
I'm also back coaching the Tinwald Tigers under 11 rugby team. It looked a bit hairy there for a while that I wasn't going to be able to commit to it this year. For those who are interested, Rat is playing number 8 and scored four tries last week bringing his total to 8 this season. We haven't lost any of our six games yet and as one of my mates said: "they don't make a bottle of Jim Beam big enough for you when your team loses a game".
I guess it sounds like I'm waffling a bit but these are things we can do that have no monetry value all because of Jewel-ee, Jenny's donor.
She's also doing so well and to put things in perspective, if I was a cat, I'd rub up against Jewell-ee's leg all day. Now that's a compliment!!
Jenny and me went for a Sunday walk last week and when we got home, I felt like calling Jewell-ee and just saying thanks. A small thing like a Sunday walk wouldn't have happened if Jewell-ee hadn't have donated. It just blew me away.
It's kidney awareness week in NZ next week and one of the community newspapers wanted to do an article on Jenny and Jewel-ee. Jenny wasn't so keen on having her mugshot in the paper and I didn't push her but in the end she decided if it may help someone make the decision to donate, she'd make the sacrafice. If anyone wants a copy of the article, let me know and I'll post a copy.
Well, we have things to do and places to be.
Thanks everyone for their support. Hopefully (soon) there will be no need for this bulletin board.
Kia Ora and may your god be with you.
Andy + Jenny
Kiwi Andy
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Postby Sueleic » Sat Jun 05, 2004 7:39 pm

Hey Andy
So glad you found some time for the board but I’m also very pleased to hear how things are going so well!!!!!!!!!!!
And you best be coming to the UK I’m so looking forward to meeting you two
I like Jenny having a good old spending spree Yey for Jenny
Take great care Andy and Jenny
And thanks for the email
Loads of love
In the UK

:D :) :D
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Gr8 2 hear from u Andy & Jenny NZ

Postby Elaine » Sat Jun 05, 2004 10:26 pm

Hiya Andy been thinkin bout u recently wondering hows life with u guys ;)
Soo good 2 hear things are fairly ok with u all :lol: and trying 2 get bak 2 a bit of 'normality'. Shopping therapy ahhh wonderful just sorta medicine women enjoy!! :wink:

We been havin a tough time with Rachael as shes just been really ill for 3wks with peritonitis and escaped hospital after a week!! :? Shes gotta have both her kidneys removed in July prior 2 gettin bak on transplant list as her albumin is constantly in her boots 12-15. :cry: But gotta look on bright side hopefully 'resolve' situation and get her bak onto transplant waiting list. She has just about scraped by not having to repeat this school year yet again!!!

Anyhow I have been askin Sue if shes heard from u :lol: so its nice 2 c u post. :wink:

Gr8 to look forward to 'normal' family life and events as u are managing at the moment.

Nice that Jenny and her friend have done the news article promoting transplants etc takes alot of courage to be in the limelight!! :wink:

Best wishes and hugz 2 u all Elaine & Rachael UK :roll: :wink:
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Postby George » Sun Jun 06, 2004 7:30 am

Hi Andy, its great to hear that Jenny is now heading in the right direction. Send me a copy of the item, you know my e.mail address, if you want my home address let me know.

Its great watching your kids develop from children to grown ups, I have certainly enjoyed it with my 5 kids. Keep the lad interested in rugby, one day he may see the world while playing for NZ All Blacks. Only comment is get him to play REAL RUGBY, not that kick and clap stuff. Take him to a Rugby League team. :wink: And get the daughter off the credit card, you'll spoil her for some poor bloke. :P

Got to take up an issue with you though, There will ALWAYS be a NEED for this board.

Take care mate, and all the best. Maybe when you come to Leeds to see your brother I could take you to see a real Rugby team. :wink:
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Postby Hal » Sun Jun 06, 2004 1:27 pm

Hi Andy,

Glad things are good and somewhat normal for you all. Take care of yourself and your family.

Best wishes,

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