my body exudes the smell of urine.HELP!!!!

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Re: my body exudes the smell of urine.HELP!!!!

Postby Christine (PKD) » Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:56 am

Obviously no one can diagnose you. Only a doctor can do that. There are other problems that can cause the odor. Poor dental hygiene, a sinus infection (might explain why you're the only one who can smell it), and some women going through menopause can have this problem.

I haven't seen any practical remedies on here so I'll leave behind what I know. Because I sweat more now, I have to be extremely diligent about my cleanliness. That includes my bedding, clothing and towels. I've learned to make laundry soap more effective by adding peroxide, and baking soda. When it comes to my body, I have to wash my hair TWICE. I can use scented shampoo on my hair, but i have to use unscented on my body. After I'm out of the shower, I use witch hazel to disinfect my skin. As long as I follow this routine, no odor what so ever.

If you have issues down below, get yourself some Clotrimazole Topical cream. It's sold over the counter here, and apply front and back after your shower. I'm not sure exactly why this works, I admit, but I suspect sweat, bacteria and yeast like to ride the kidney disease train. Best wishes.
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